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At Sydney Side Car Removals. We provide fast and efficient services so you can get that vechicle off your hands, have the car removed and the cash paid within a day! There are no hidden charges. We perform our services in a straightforward manner. From free towing and instant cash, we also offer the following services:

Unwanted Car Removal

Scrap Car Removal

Damaged Car Removal

Cash For Cars

Car Dismantling

Sydney SideCar Removals
3 Easy Steps

To sell your used car or any vehicle, you need the right strategy in place. The three steps are as follows:

Follow these three simple steps, and within minutes, someone will buy your vehicle off of the lot in Sydney or surrounding areas without even having DRIVING LUNCHES!!!

We are the most trusted company across Sydney for unwanted vehicle removal. We offer a prompt and quick service completed within 2 hours, so if you need your car transported, don’t hesitate to contact us as we will be able to remove all types of vehicles with ease!

Step 1.
Call Us to Get A Free Valuation Quote
Get in touch with us today to find out what your old car is worth. We'll be happy to get you a free valuation quote for any make or model, no matter where it's located! 
Step 1.
Step 2.
We Come To You
Let us help you find the perfect truck at a price that fits your budget. We'll dispatch one of our friendly and knowledgeable drivers to come to see it in person immediately! 
Step 2.
Step 3.
Get Paid & Car Removed
Our truck driver will pick up your car and pay you in cash. Easy! 
Step 3.

About Sydney Side Car Removals

Do you have an old, worn out, broken, damaged and or unusable vehicle? We would love to buy it from you. We provide a free qoute, free towing service and instant cash. What a deal.

No need to stress over what to do with that huge metal junk taking your valuable garage space. If you are interested, then read on.

Have you been met with an accident of any sort that has left your vehicle damaged in any way?

Look no further! Sydney Side Car Removals has a skillful, well trained, experienced, licensed and insured team of wreckers and auto experts who will provide you with a smooth car selling experience. We provide services in Sydney so we’ll come to you.

Sell it to us!

At Sydney Side Car Removals, we’ll buy your old, broken, damaged or disagreeable vehicle and pay you top dollar for your car! What are you waiting for? Call us to get a free quote and if you have any questions ask away!

Our company accepts every kind of vehicle

Kind of vehicle



What We Are Offering You

Sydney Side Car Removals has a wide range of offers and services for you. Any unwanted or damaged vechicle can be removed in an instant. You can talk to our friendly staff with any questions. Book an appointment with our skillful experts and get a free quote for your car with just a one call. Once you book an appointment with us, you will receive a free towing service. You can set a date and time for the removal. Our expert technician will then come to your place, have your vehicle examined and inspected and will provide you with instant cash depending on the condition of the car. Our technician will then tow away your unwanted vehicle.
Any necessary paperwork required by the RTA will be taken care of.

Why We’re Sydneys’ Most Reliable Cash For Cars Buyers

One of the main reasons you should choose to sell your car to us is because we offer high cash for cars. We will not leave you disappointed with our cash offer. We offer cash up to $19,999! We will buy your car regardless of whether it’s running or not.
Contact us to get a free qoute! 

Sell Your Scrap or unwanted Car To Us

Scrapping cars isn’t the only thing we are interested in. We are also interested in buying scrap vans, trucks, utes, SUVs and even motorcycles. Our experienced and well-trained experts will recycle all scrap into reusable and reconditioned parts. We believe in eco-friendly recycling. We can guarantee that when we buy your scrap vehicle, we will utilise it in the best way possible without causing damage to the environment. We have our own junkyard where we complete all the processes. We are committed to keeping our beautiful Sydney clean and green.

How Much Is Your Car Worth?

Know how much you could get for your old/unwanted car right now. Call us now and get paid within 2 hours.